Income distribution

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Income distribution

Post by KeliaDracu »

I wanted to know whether my income was typical within the USA, but I couldn't find a good curve (they are usually 'per household', and I think a comparison to people in my same age range and social status would be more meaningful).

People outside the USA, please vote by all means. I appreciate exchange rates are variable.
Votes are anonymous, because income is sensitive to some. I will vote at a random point.
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Re: Income distribution

Post by AlanBranch »

It’s so variable by state and rural/city. In a rural area… $50,000 can be awesome. In a city, $50,000 could be barely scraping by. Some states are much pricier. I dislike going by average USA income because it’s very misleading. Someone who makes $75,000 could be worse off than someone making $35,000 depending upon where they’re living.

What I do know is that the minimum wage in the United States ($7.25) is practically unlivable in every state and county. Especially when median rent is somewhere in the $2,000s at this point…

You live close to me and I can offer you that our average wages are somewhere around $45,000. It totally depends what fields you’re in but most minimum wage jobs where we’re at are paying $15-$20/hour.
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Re: Income distribution

Post by LeilaniDixon »

Hey there. I've recently started making $100k a year, but I've not noticed any significant changes in my life. Then I understood that the problem was not money but my attitude. I couldn't manage it probably, because it doesn't matter how much money I have, I spend it all. So, I've recently started using a free paystub creator to track my expenses. I started using it about 3 months ago, so I've saved $60k since then. It doesn't matter how much you make. Change your attitude toward money, and you'll make more.
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