New Vision 2.0 - Deus Ex, AI, and you

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Re: New Vision 2.0 - Deus Ex, AI, and you

Post by DaveW »

It's definitely a subjective difference between the two, so I'll leave both available, unlike New Vision 1.0 which is condemned to the trash heap of history (maybe there's a copy somewhere, who knows).

Personally I thought 1.5 was the best direction I could take a re-texture project by re-imagining the visual style, not just copying it but 'sharper'. For me creatively it was the best choice, but as something I'd want to play, I personally enjoy the original 'vision' of the game faults and all. That's why I love the idea of AI upscaling because it is 100% faithful to the original intention, just with sharper pixels.

It sounds like others are trying to come up with solutions to the masked texture problem, but I think the textures included in the full release are good enough. Unless there's any significant upgrade to AI this is basically 'final', short of repacking the textures in the merged UTX format like New Vision 1.5
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Re: New Vision 2.0 - Deus Ex, AI, and you

Post by Hanfling »

Do you have comparission screenshots how the textures look ingame compared to naive pixel doubling?
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Re: New Vision 2.0 - Deus Ex, AI, and you

Post by FastGamerr »

A bit off-topic, but once again many thanks to DaveW for bringing this to my attention, since without this thread a sequence of events wouldn't have folded out which led to the release of an ESRGAN texture mod AND an interceptor allowing the usage of emissive textures and parallax mapping (among other things) for Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II: ... xture-pack

And it makes one of my mods for that 1997 video game look like something from... 1999? ... again2.jpg

Cheers, guv. 8)
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