The two most noticeable bugs I've found in 2.0

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The two most noticeable bugs I've found in 2.0

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Howdy folks,

Been a while! Not sure if you still read these forums regularly, or whether Steam would be a better place to discuss 2.0, but I've noticed two rather serious things in my playthrough of the current version:
- Certain doors are indestructible or have higher damage thresholds than stated when highlighting the door. This is especially noticeable with many similar doors, part of a sequence or group (like in the hotel or certain lockers, cupboards etc). They are not possible to destroy with melee weapons like DR's katana, even though other similar doors very much are.
- Donning gas masks or looking through weapon scopes completely blacks out the screen, making those unusable. Can't say anything about binoculars, as I never use those, but I expect there to be the same issue.

Overall great job on the first three 2.0 patches, they really add a lot to the game! Although quite honestly the transformation of the Central district was quite shocking and definitely took some getting used to. It's surely got less open spaces than the old district, but that's not such a big deal. The new areas, NPCs and quests are definitely amazing, keep up the good work guys!
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