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Patch 1.0.2
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Author:  Jonas [ Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Patch 1.0.2

The Nameless Mod 1.0.2 Patch

The 1.0.2 patch is compatible with either 1.0.0 or 1.0.1. Here are the patch notes for version 1.0.2.

Be warned that these notes do contain spoilers.

- Fixed the few remaining DXOgg.dll related crashes including the annoying Blank.ogg crash.
- Fixed the savegames breaking if you save after using the command prompt puzzle in the DXI ruins.
- Fixed a potentially showstopping bug whereby the player could save his game after pissing off Kashue in the PDX storyline and getting shut in.
- Changed it so the PM for getting the staff is triggered by picking up the staff rather than lowering the container.
- Made sure Kylie doesn't leave the subway station unless you've pissed her off twice.
- Fixed an inconsistency in Scara's FindDespot PM if you've pissed Kylie off twice.
- Made sure the datacube with Despot's login details appears in his office when it should and that ZP spawns in the corporate sector, even if you didn't get briefed by Kylie.
- Bypass the Sol's Bar DXO keypad if you incapacitated Kylie and are on the news script mission for WC. Added some extra content to explain the change.
- Fixed a conversation infinite loop crash in Zero's Goat City subsequents.
- Replaced the loading screen quotes with game hints (to get the quotes back, type "quotes" during the credits).
- Added "hateme" and "loveme" cheats to change the attitude of a specific NPC towards you.
- Fixed it so augs with no energy drain (notably the Light aug) don't deactivate when you deactivateall or run out of energy and can be turned on even when you have no energy.
- Tweaked the Light aug description to explain why they become free to use with an upgrade.
- Fixed the ammo display/usage problem with ammo subtypes (rockets vs. rocketwp etc.)
- Fixed the bug where lollerskates would be permanently on if you leave a level while they're activated.
- Changed the way the laser weapon mod works so it'll wobble realistically within your cone of accuracy. This also fixes the old laser/scope bug.
- Fixed a bunch of VA mismatches and typos in various conversations, most notably Chris the Cynic's (thanks to Arnaud Vasquez for his proof reading help).
- Fixed alien, karkian, greasel, and military robot weapons not being named right in the Targeting display.
- Raised the default clip size of Trestkon's pistols to 20 so each clip mod will add 2 rounds instead of 1. Also raised the max ammo count of .45 to 200. REJOICE.
- Changed DD's fire blade from dealing 100 damage to a single point to dealing 20 damage to 5 points like the nanosword.
- Increased the damage of the pump-gun from 15 to 20 (5 tracers with 4 damage each).
- Raised the max ammo count of quad rockets to 40. USE THE QUAD LAUNCHER, PEOPLE! It's awesome!
- Changed the order in which you qualify for the fist upgrades.
- Corrected the description of the EMP gloves.
- Made the goat statues and fountains not pushable.
- Added a red glow and a lava sound to the lava caverns transition in DXI, so as to better call the player's attention to it.
- Added some (TM)s and stuff to the GoatFemale and a few of DT's lines.
- Added molotovs to the list of grenade special cases so the weapon confiscation code treats them correctly (thanks DX code!)
- Made sure you don't get any of NVS's AO PMs if you already have a subway pass.
- Made sure you can't interrupt the first abduction dialogue by frobbing Bunky or Lynn.
- Made Gary leave properly if you leave the abduction conversation.
- Made DXE inaccessible until you get a key from Wolfy and fixed the DXE goal appearing closed throughout the mission if you decline the job at first.
- Implemented Shifter's inventory stacking exploit fix - this should eliminate the item duplication issues people have reported.
- Fixed the NARC_Source flag expiring in DXI.
- Made the script spawn the key to the llama tunnels in the kitchen when you're allied to the Llamas so you can get there in that quest line too.
- Fixed a bug that was preventing DD's holocom from playing after DXI.
- Prevented ZeroPresence from being set as hostile in Goat City if you're allied to the Llamas (oops).
- Removed ZP's stealth pistol in Goat City post-DXI so he'll be holding his sniper rifle.
- Made sure you get the interrupted-conversation with the chatty couple outside Phas's apartment even if you talk to the woman rather than the man.
- Made sure Midas and his chopper are removed from the slums when he comes to pick you up in the ATC.
- Made sure you can't upload the Black ICE virus again after DXI if you already did it before DXI.
- Made sure you also get the main skillpoint reward and that the goal is closed if your inventory is full when Evil Invasion wants to give you your reward for Black ICE.
- Disabled the PDX Endgame if the space station is already blowing up when you ban Scara.
- Made AO's pistol's properties say "YES" under Laser instead of "N/A" as it comes with a pre-installed laser mod.
- Fixed the inventory checks for Winquman's PHAT-rifle conversation after DXI.
- Fixed some VA mismatches in Chris's convos and some update glitches with Jonas and Winquman's equipment goals.
- Made sure the Pong lines stop playing when you kill or knock out EER or Face.
- Fixed the "DXO cleared of all charges" bulletin showing up when you killed them all.
- Fixed one of NVShacker's lines failing to clear out Trestkon's previous line.
- Added another, more obvious datacube with Ryan's login details to ABI.
- Doubled Ricemanu's health to make him last longer when he's ambushed.
- Made Ricemanu's Saved-conversation trigger on radius and made sure the goal is closed later if you fail to talk to him after saving him.
- Fixed a logic glitch in the Kashue antagonism conversation and a typo in a DT conversation.
- Removed the laser mod from the EMP pistol by default.
- Replaced the character portraits in our manual with Nicole's sketches and updated the troubleshooting entry about the VC redistributable and the paragraph about Shifter compatibility.
- Fixed a couple of typographical errors in the Fists skill description.
- Fixed Whoever giving you free stuff if you talk to him after the first time or if you got 10 credits to begin with and then run out.
- Fixed Yardbomb not taking his payment for the blow pipe.
- Fixed the crowbar not using HDTP assets if they exist.
- Fixed appearance settings not being reset properly when you use the Restore Defaults button during character creation.
- Removed the sentence "Why don't thee go brag about thy quests to some o' th' other goats?" from a Beefman line and prevented him from referring to Silver Dragon if Silver is Dead.
- Made sure That Guy doesn't repeat his greeting convo after DXI if you've talked to him before DXI.
- Made sure the Llamas attack you if you piss off Beefman.
- Fixed DD's holocom giving you a PDX mission even if you killed Silver after getting it.
- Replaced the (TM)'s in the golden spork description with (R)'s. Don't ask.
- Made sure ZP's or Slicer's carcass is removed if the player manages to down him before he's captured. The cell guard will still claim ZP/Slicer is alive even if you manage to kill him, but assume he's either mistaken or lying.
- Fixed a bug with the tablet mission that occurred if you'd knocked Dark Templar out before doing the server complex mission.
- Made extra special sure the game remembers whether That Guy's sublevel PMs have been played across DXI.
- Fixed Breadfan's carcass using the wrong model.
- Fixed the back door into Sol's not getting sealed as it should post-DXI in the WorldCorp storyline.
- Fixed Scara's mission to find ZeroPresence not being recognized as completed.
- Fixed the denouement not remembering Athena's death if you killed her in the Llama storyline.
- Made sure you only get the first Ryan endorsement PM if you've got the mission from Ryan before entering the command module, and that none of the endorsements ever play if Ryan is dead or banned.
- Made sure you don't get a PM from Ryan about Narcissus if you ban him at the same time.
- Restored a missing PM from Ryan directing you towards the MCM.
- Fixed the player not getting a PM from Evil if he knocks out Kevo like he does if he kills Kevo.
- Disabled all Phasmatis's alarm input and made the door to his apartment usable by him.
- Made the script that seals Phasmatis's door after you get your items back also remove him from the map so you can't trick him into opening the door for you.
- Reset Phasmatis's alliance automatically upon entering his apartment for the doomed assassination mission in case you've pissed him off previously.
- Fixed the item names of the weapons of Abom and the ABI commandos.
- Removed the function that teleports the subway hostages when you've restored power to the subways, as it wasn't working and instead crashing the game.
- Made sure the dialogue responds properly if you knock TRM out instead of killing him.
- Made it so Pimp-Jojo's goal is closed if you kill him or knock him out before getting your reward.
- Made sure you can't talk to Beefman through the wall of Abomination's office.
- Fixed the PHAT-Rifle making enemies bleed when shot.
- Lowered the strength of the LOD on the hand scanner to 0.25 to fix rendering issues with it.
- Fixed the bulletin talking about DD's "appearance" - it now says "disappearance" as it should.
- Fixed the reload animation on the HDTP pistol.
- Prevented DT from sending you a mission aborted PM if you've already completed his mission.
- Made sure the commandos in WC HQ are also made hostile after DXI if you're with PDX.
- Made sure the denouement skips ZP if the player is WC-allied, did the Ryan ending, and ZP isn't dead.
- Prevented the "saved then killed Silver Dragon" PM from playing if you kill Silver in the Llama temple before returning to WorldCorp.
- Made sure QC_SUB_FindZP is set when you talk to him in Goat City.
- Disabled one of Zerohero's subsequents if you never get the napkin map from him.
- Fixed Hao's goal updating constantly if you kill him after getting his mission, you evil person.
- Made sure the bulletin about Athena's death appears if you kill her for the Llamas.
- Made sure you can get Despot's proper convo if you return to him after getting the mission and you've already done a Narcissus walkthrough. Disabled That Guy's PM's in the same situation.
- Inverted a couple of erroneous flag checks in the Debugger conversation.
- Made sure you don't get goal updates for killing the Sol Bombers if Alpha is dead or unconscious.
- Made sure the hostage situation reacts if you knock out Fender and/or Madmax instead of killing them.
- Made sure you get no angry PMs from DT or Abom if they are unconscious.
- Made sure Abom's goal is closed when he busts you in Goat City.
- Did some work on the unique weapon code to allow sensible handling of e.g. looting ZP's gun after knocking him out.
- Updated the Phasrox menu to spawn TNM animals instead of DX animals.
- Tweaked PDX HQ kill handling.
- Made sure Slicer doesn't use his subsequents in WC until you've freed him.
- Made sure you can get clearance from Mr. Clark without talking to him about the graffiti first.
- Tweaked conversation font sizes to be more consistently sane for lower resolutions.
- Prevented ZP sniping in PDX if you return after you've done the Despot mission.
- Changed an instance of "2028" in the description of the scrambler grenade to "2001".
- Made sure the DXI elevator is also re-enabled if you knock out the thread protectors, not just if you kill them.
- Made sure ZP doesn't spawn for the news script mission if he's unconscious.
- Replaced the DXI datavault images with new, more up-to-date ones.
- Added EMP damage to the shielddamage list of exceptions so you can't kill an unconscious person with EMP damage...
- Made sure Hao_Saved is set properly if you disable the security systems before talking to him.
- Made sure Hao's QC flag persists to the denouement though I don't think it's used there (just out of principle).
- Made sure Jackie doesn't wonder out loud who blew up Sol's if the player's already told her.
- Prevented Kylie from sending you an angry PM in DXI if you've killed ZP BEFORE going down there.
- Removed some outdated PM code from the script.
- Made sure Dark Templar leaves the Voodoo Shop when he should, even if you've killed him in Goat City.
- Fixed the typo "catastrophy" in Gwog's conversation.
- Fixed a Goat Female line that said something entirely different from the audio.
- Made sure you can't lure OiNutter out of the Templae before actually getting the mission from ZeroPresence.
- Made sure OiNutter and the other goats can get through the templae door if the player's already opened it (don't ask).
- Made sure the secret door into the WC sublevel can't be frobbed and doesn't highlight.
- Made the ABI gate unfrobbable as it should be.
- Replaced the texture on the lamps in Phas's apartment with Dave's new light texture for NV compatibility.
- Placed a BlockMonster over Kashue's pool to prevent him from falling in if he's chasing you around his office. Unfortunately it also blocks items and other thrown stuff, but such is the Unreal Engine.
- Fixed the damage thresholds on a bunch of doors and other movers.
- Added a bunch of BlockPlayers to prevented you from leaving the play area in the ATC.
- Made all WC guards and bots on WCHQ floor 3 hostile to the greasels.
- Fixed TRM's login info not getting added to your notes.
- Fixed some door pivots in the NSC.
- Removed all items from Eric's vending machine because it's supposed to be broken.
- Fixed the computer nodes on some NSC computers.
- Replaced the strung-up WC Commandos in Despot's flat with corpses.
- Made DXE inaccessible until you get a key from Wolfy.
- Fixed Wolfy's infiltration PM not playing if you enter DXE through the vents.
- Restored the option to download the entire WorldCorp user account list from That Guy's terminal. Hoping it wasn't removed for a good reason...
- Moved the button that opens the Goat Templae fountain to a more logical (but still out-of-the-way) position.
- Fixed the lighting on the safe with Athena's reward and made the statue in front of it pushable for convenience.
- Changed T. B. Good's password to "StupidDamnFirewalls" because the old one was too long for the GUI.
- Fixed a broken ladder in the Corporate sewers post-DXI.
- Made sure the Weapons RnD computer login in ABI is added to your datavault.
- Added crates under the OSC elevator so you can get back up if you fall down.
- Removed a hovering button from the DXI HQ.
- Inverted up some accidentally mirrored textures in the voodoo shop.
- Changed the familiar name of one of the Partyzone patrons from Spot to Deuxhero because Spot already has another character in the game.
- Set the familiar names of the two scientists to Teknikal and Majestic as a little thank you for the fan art.
- Drastically reduced the amount of minialiens to the point where you won't meet them in engineering at all on Normal enemy quantity and there'll be far fewer of them in the AI module.
- Added a goal update when you connect the APGs to point you towards the control console.
- Fixed the pivots on the WC 4th floor meeting room doors.
- Removed the floating door in one of the Slums alleys (hilarious that it took a month for somebody to notice it).
- Fixed the pathing freezes caused by the patrolling dobermen or guards falling off a cliff in ABI.
- Set Ricemanu not to hate shots or indirect injury. Replaced an old baton on the dead attacker with a TNM baton.
- Tweaked the alliance settings the N00Bz and Firewalls are changed to when you complete the mission.
- Added exit buttons to the WCID prison doors and removed the laser beams from Slicer's cell after DXI.
- Lowered the prices on multitools and lockpicks before DXI and raised the prices on all grenades after DXI. Switched around the prices on EMP grenades and LAMs.
- Fixed the walkthroughable building in the slum sector... with BlockAlls. OH GOD IT'S SUCH A SUCKY FIX.
- Fixed a keypad in the NSC security area that wasn't opening the relevant weapon cache as it should.
- Restored the skin settings on the cats in Downtown and Whiskers and Bunky.
- Improved the pathing in the WCID offices in an effort to fix some freezes.
- Replaced the old bulletin computers in Goat City with TNM ones.
- Made sure you can't turn on the broken monitors in DXE.
- The reflective floor was interacting poorly with the reflective table in the DXE meeting rooms; made the floor no longer reflective.
- Replaced a missing texture on the hand scanner mounts in the WC electronics labs.
- Fixed the pivot on the knob that opens Scara's safe.
- Made the Untrigger for the laser grid outside That Guy's office not trigger on collide.
- Replaced an old napalm canister in the OSC with a TNM one.
- Fixed the break room keypad code in the ATC.
- Fixed a glitched napalm canister in the Weapon Shop.
- Fixed the DXI elevator getting stuck if you're carrying a crate or barrel or similar when you hit the level transition.
- Made the guards in the WC parking basement return to their original facing after you talk to them or otherwise lure them away.
- Enabled a visible countdown on the panels to open the hatches in OSC Server 6 so you'll know only to hack 4 of the control panels.
- Corrected the voodoo portal sign textures in 22_FCCorporate.
- Added the riot prod back to the weapon shop in mission 22 in case you need it for DXE.
- Replaced Kylie's LAM with a pair of tech goggles in Sol's because she tends to blow herself up too often.
- Made sure you can only get to the fusion reactor if you get the key from MIB, so you can't activate the reactor in the WC storyline.
- Made the doors to the fusion reactor unbreakable and paired up the NSC storage room doors properly.
- Fixed some slightly misaligned ceiling textures in the PDX HQ.
- Removed an erroneous PM from the weapon shop.
- Made the phones in the ATC destructible.
- Fixed Beefman's knockedout-revenge-PM so it plays properly when it should.
- Fixed the Goat Templae inner entrance guard not having any subsequent lines.
- Fixed the orderstrigger to make Dark Templar go and sit down after greeting you in Goat City.
- Added a little something extra from the nice people at Eidos Montreal.

As before, I've locked the previous patch thread; feel free to continue your bug reporting here, when you've made sure your bug hasn't already been addressed in version 1.0.2 :)

Author:  Duke Floss [ Tue Apr 21, 2009 12:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Patch 1.0.2

I read all of it and am looking forward to playing through patch 1.0.2

I can't wait to find out what the something extra is.

Author:  Arnaud G. Vasquez [ Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Patch 1.0.2

Totally sweet. I'll be snatching this ASAP.

"Replaced the loading screen quotes with game hints (to get the quotes back, type "quotes" during the credits)." ~ How terrible. =( Must I beat the game first to get the quotes back? I suppose there *could be* the main menu credits...

"Changed the way the laser weapon mod works so it'll wobble realistically within your cone of accuracy. This also fixes the old laser/scope bug." ~ Does this imply that the laser now works as in Shifter? - i.e. the bullet goes right where the laser is, wobbly dot or not.

"Replaced the (TM)'s in the golden spork description with (R)'s. Don't ask." ~ Ahahahahaha. Genius!

"Added a little something extra from the nice people at Eidos Montreal." ~ I also eagerly await this with bated breath.

Author:  Thehotdogman [ Tue Apr 21, 2009 2:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Patch 1.0.2

Well, i certainly hope it's something i can pick up and, i dunno, throw at people.

Author:  Trestkon [ Tue Apr 21, 2009 2:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Patch 1.0.2

Thehotdogman wrote:
Well, i certainly hope it's something i can pick up and, i dunno, throw at people.


Author:  Thehotdogman [ Tue Apr 21, 2009 2:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Patch 1.0.2

The surprise, of course.

Author:  Trestkon [ Tue Apr 21, 2009 2:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Patch 1.0.2

Ah. It's actually for viewing pleasure, it's not usable.

Author:  Duke Floss [ Tue Apr 21, 2009 3:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Patch 1.0.2


Author:  No Finka [ Tue Apr 21, 2009 3:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Patch 1.0.2

I know what I'm checking when I get this....

Author:  odawali [ Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Patch 1.0.2

Sounds great! I'm in the middle of playthroughs right now holding off starting a New Game. I can't wait to play TNM again.

Author:  irenicus [ Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Patch 1.0.2

Thank you guys! =D> Can't wait to try it out!

Author:  JC_Helios [ Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Patch 1.0.2

Hmm, I didn't see it in the notes, or in the old topic so:

Jumping in the space station ai elevator(the one that starts out disabled) will cause it to get stuck, the door and buttons will even move down.(buttons move to a few inches off the ground, and locking at the door shows 75% door, 25% wall.) It happened when I was going down and jumped with the speed aug.

Author:  Hassat Hunter [ Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Patch 1.0.2

That's a pretty nice list. Am I to blame for the Fireblade damage-chance or where there other reports, so I can stave off my blame to them :twisted:.
Also; can't wait for the "bonus". 1 more day...

PS. Disabled saving during "Radish Adventure" doesn't seem to be in the list...

Author:  Duke Floss [ Tue Apr 21, 2009 5:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Patch 1.0.2

is it going to be available for download today?

... I had to ask - I can't wait :P

Author:  Trestkon [ Tue Apr 21, 2009 6:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Patch 1.0.2

Yes, we're just testing it right now, found a small bug in my installer code and I'm correcting it. Anyone who wants to help verify the patch can jump on IRC :)

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