Surveyor recommends demolition of substandard extension

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Surveyor recommends demolition of substandard extension

Post by Jess55 »

We are in the conveyancing process of a Victorian house and got a Building Survey done. We haven't received the full report yet, but the surveyor sent through some photos and comments.

One comment that stood out: The surveyor recommended to allow to demolish the entire bathroom extension and rebuild, stating it's a 'substandard' structure.

The attached photo shows a big gap in the joint between the original house and the extension. This gap is on the side adjoining the neighbour's house so not visible from outside. There seems to be some kind of filler between the gap, any idea what this could be?

Externally the extension looks ok but it is covered in render. Internally there is some water damage from leaking gutters.

Any suggestions on how this can be repaired? Is the surveyor just being overly cautious? We will be getting the whole bathroom remodelled.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Surveyor recommends demolition of substandard extension

Post by CashiWaku »

This gap, of course, must be removed. Can you imagine how many problems it can cause? I'm not sure that the foam will be effective enough, it's probably better to do it with bricks. But you have to ask an expert for that. I once hired, maybe that will help you. If you aren`t planning to hire anyone, and you want to do everything yourself, you can make a mortar of cement and sand - should be strong. Cement-sand mortar must be used immediately, it can`t be stored for more than an hour or two. But still, if I were you, I would contact the builders.
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