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Re: OpenGL Renderer

Post by SolidSnakePlissken »

I just wanted a change. OpenGL runs frames smoother and has better lighting than DX9. DX9 with enb lags bad, and the lighting still isn't as good as opengl. I wanted to have enb for opengl and turn the setting down to a min. That way I could have a good balance. I mainly like enb for th way it makes dark darker and light more realistic I would prefer to turn that glossy look off the textures that it has in the default setting but I don't know how. I have experimented a lot but I am in no way an expert on enb.

As far as Gore mod goes, I have it in a different folder and it doesn't crash in the load order I have. so I would say, if it is stable which it is, then it is compatible enough for my system and settings. I am sorry you don't feel the same way.
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Re: OpenGL Renderer

Post by MonarchX »

I noticed that the develop posts OpenGL version 20 as the latest version, but in the latest news update, he has version 21 available. Which one is actually the latest?
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Re: OpenGL Renderer

Post by bjorn98009_91 »

Wow, never spotted that. I've been using version 2.0 all along, thanks!

2.1 seems to be the latest version, it has the latest date also.
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