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ModDB Developer Banter – The Nameless Mod

March 19th, 2009

For a bit of a peek behind the scenes of the development of The Nameless Mod, ModDB has just published their Developer Banter segment featuring Lawrence Laxdal, Jonas Wæver, and Shane Tapp of Off Topic Productions. Recorded a month before the game was released, it offers a pre-mortem look at the design principles behind the game and the process of developing TNM.

Developer Banter – The Nameless Mod

The informal interview deals with the role of feature creep in mod development, keeping the story in check, designing an open-ended yet narrative-driven game, balancing the wish to trust the player with the need to impart the necessary information, the team’s plans for the future, incorporating community engine enhancements, the advantages of modding to game developers, the health of the Deus Ex community, our favourite moments in the mod (including funny bugs during development), and advice for other modders.

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Off Topic Productions Releases The Nameless Mod

March 16th, 2009


In the mean streets of the internet, fandom carries a gun. Off Topic Productions invites you into a whole new world, where online communities have become Tron style cities, moderators and forum trolls fight their endless battles with semi-automatic weapons, and where one man is about to find out that taking down cyberpunk conspiracies can’t all be fun and games…

The Nameless Mod for Deus Ex is one of the most ambitious single player modifications ever created. Seven years in development, its features include 2 unique storylines with an average of 15 hours of playtime each, over 50 non-linear levels, more than 70 characters, and over 14 hours of fully recorded dialogue. All of this is built on the classic Deus Ex mix of FPS and RPG action and is now available for PC gamers everywhere. Download it from

“We’re extremely excited to finally unleash this 7 year labour of love on gamers everywhere”, says lead designer Jonas Waever. “Even 9 years after release, Deus Ex has few equals. We feel that we’ve succeeded in playing to its strengths, while still creating a unique, immersive new experience.”

ModDB Media Editor Dave Traeger, who played a pre-release copy of TNM, states “To sum it up in one word: Amazing. It’s a must download.”

About Off Topic Productions
Off Topic Productions is an independent development group with members in America, Europe, and Australia. OTP’s goal is to develop detailed and open game worlds with responsive, immersive narratives. TNM is OTP’s first release.

The Nameless Mod