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TNM 1.0.2 with a side of fan art

April 27th, 2009

After another month  of hard work, Off Topic Productions is pleased to finally bring you version 1.0.2 of The Nameless Mod. This patch contains more than 200 fixes (view the change log for full details) and should put a stop to the last of the crashes people have been reporting as well as generally polishing up your entire gameplay experience.  Grab it here:

While we’ve been busy polishing TNM, fans have been busy playing it. We’ve reached over 7000 downloads and have been receiving some incredibly positive feedback. Between the insightful posts on our forums, many great new entries on our wiki, and some stupendous fan art, we’ve come to realize that Deus Ex (and subsequently TNM) has some very talented and generous fans. Here’s a sampler of that aforementioned fan art, created by teknikal (and the kind of stuff we wish we’d had as concept art!):

Scara B. King King Kashue Scara Wallpaper
Check out teknikal’s gallery for more eye pleasing paintery.

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