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We’re Legal!

June 19th, 2009

Since the release of The Nameless Mod, we’ve all been hard at work on our next project. We’re also slowly transitioning from being an informal mod team to a much more professionally-minded independent game studio. A big step in that journey was completed yesterday when we officially incorporated OTP as an actual company. We’ve been working together for seven years now, but I’ll tell you it was a nice feeling to see the name “Off Topic Productions” on a batch of government documents. Keep watching this blog for future developments, hopefully we’ll have some bigger announcements to make in the months to come.

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TNM Post-Mortem on GameCareerGuide

June 11th, 2009

Today, GameCareerGuide has published my post-mortem of The Nameless Mod, which they call “one of the most interesting total conversions out there”. I structured it in the traditional form of Game Developer post-mortems, and it starts like this:

If we’d known what we were getting ourselves into, we’d have run away screaming. The Nameless Mod for Deus Ex stands out for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s a single-player total conversion, which isn’t the easiest or most popular category of modification on the internet. Secondly, it’s enormous: The Nameless Mod features over 14 hours of voice-over, the average length of a playthrough is 15 hours, and that’s just playing one of two significantly different, mutually exclusive plotlines. Third, and arguably most notably, The Nameless Mod has been finished and released to very favorable reviews.

The project was in development for seven years, two months, and 11 days by an international team of hobbyists who never met each other. It placed enormous demands on communication, leadership, and quality assurance, and to top it all off, it started as that most reviled of genres: forum fan fiction.

And then I go on to talk about the development process and describe 5 things that went right and 5 things that went wrong, in the usual fashion. It’s as honest as I could make it, and I hope people will find it interesting and perhaps even be able to learn something from it or at least gain some inspiration.

The post-mortem may be found here.

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